Sunday, April 29, 2018


The place where my photographs land has migrated of it's own accord. I'm unable to access new photographs for sharing on the blog, face book or email. Downloading from the camera is successful and I can see and rotate results but they don't automatically transfer to my photo file. It's a simple fix I'm 99% sure, but I'm in the dark as to how. My 'savior' will find an hour for me early in May. Meanwhile, I'll mine the fertile past.
 "Water Lilies" by my friend Dylan Guy
Acrylic paing on Canvas
 Photograph of me with many 'Hanuman's
Circa 2000 with my Pencil and water-color drawing

Heading out to the 14th Street farm market for Spring Peas, with plans to continue to the Limited bus uptown and across to the West side intending participate in an evening session with Ambika Elizabeth (a favorite chanter I've known since my Ananda Ashram days in the late Nineties), but only got as far as Gramercy park when I was attacked by gas pains so severe they brought visions of Emergency rooms, so I doubled back home and ascertaining that my Appendix was not at fault, I took a common homeopathic and retired to bed with an ice pack. Two hour later I was fine but too late for my original plans. Here's an 8 minute blast from the past - 'the Hanuman Chalisa" recorded Live at Brooklyn Yoga School on 2/12/12. Vocals and Harmonium by Ambika Elizabeth, Nina Rao on Khol and Devadas Labrecque on Kartals..
Forty verse devotional hymn (stotra) addressed to Lord Hanuman traditionally believed to have been authored by 16th-century poet Tulsidas 



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Mo Crow said...

Be Well (((Michelle))) as my wise friend Lina said years ago we're like old cars, we just need a little more maintenance to make it through the days! & re photos, do you still have a Mac & iPhoto to download your photos? if so, you can drag them out of the window in iPhoto onto the desktop and then upload them into your blog or e-mails from there