Tuesday, May 1, 2018


(seen at a distance from a water-taxi ride to Ikea in Redhook, Brooklyn, although I was actually headed to a poetry reading at an Irish pub called Rocky Sullivans, a short walking distance further on to hear Oren Ryan read)

I'm enjoying mining the past while waiting for my computer friend/savior to help correct the fact that my picture file migrated to an unknown and inaccessible location.

Ten Minutes

(Thank you Mo for the suggestion but It won't work in this case)

(gleaned from various years)

Hydrangea and Potted Fern
Phlox on a Windy Day
More Phlox
(behind a line of freshly berry/beet dyed shirts)
 Tomatoes Ripening
(backed by Phlox)
 Beautifully Blue
(I can't remember the name)
 Even More Phlox
(I never tired of it's intoxicating scent permeating the yard) 
 There should be poetry, so I make a request and find
"The Land of Yesterday"
by Don Marquis

And I would seek the country town
Amid green meadows nestled down
If I could only find the way
Back to the Land of Yesterday!

How I would thrust the miles aside,
Rush up the quiet lane, and then,
Just where her roses laughed in pride,
Find her among the flowers again.
I'd slip in silently and wait
Until she saw me by the gate,
And then . . . read through a blur of tears
Quick pardon for the selfish years.

This time, this time, I would not wait
For that brief wire that said, Too late! --
If I could only find the way
Into the Land of Yesterday.

I wonder if her roses yet
Lift up their heads and laugh with pride,
And if her phlox and mignonette
Have heart to blossom by their side;
I wonder if the dear old lane
Still chirps with robins after rain,
And if the birds and banded bees
Still rob her early cherry-trees. . . .

I wonder, if I went there now,
How everything would seem, and how --
But no! not now; there is no way
Back to the Land of Yesterday.

 Elsewhere in the house, this pot which has hung in many places, witnessed many changes, now contains multiple yesterdays in silence.

Let this window stand--better than any words I might choose--for the bright love the place and it's creatures evoke in me.


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Mo Crow said...

that last photo is such a beauty!