Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Amsterdam Avenue at 109th Street
May 13th 2018
My friend, Michael
A most moving presentation
Got home at 6PM because we ate of the generous foods, drank a toast, talked with others who lost friends and loved ones to aids, saw the quilts but no good photographs sorry to say.
We also visited the chapels that encircle the main altar. 

Keith Haring Chapel

My flash didn't catch the true colors,
Better photo Here:

From here on, I have no notes. I simply shot a few views that interested me. There is so much beauty, so many art works and architectural detail you could be there for days and not be able to absorb all of it.








We walked in the Gardens
fresh from rain

The residents Garden

Only one peacock on view, soaked because he chose to stay out.
There are two, the second one is white.

Last shot.

Historical Overview
pre-1980 through 2017
Personal Note
I was in Fire Island in the seventies before the epidemic was fully understood. I lost many friends from the dance community over the ensuing years and I was a volunteer at the gorgeous garden on top of Gay Mens Health old building where too many memorials overwhelmed everyone.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the magnitude of the in keeping with the
magnitude of the feelings

Mo Crow said...

a beautiful tribute, remembering the dear friends who are gone

Shiborigirl said...

beautiful views- gardens and architecture combine to give us peace and a place for remembrance. yes, those days were many lost. Here in Long Beach the bath house scene ended up being a very destructive component in the health and welfare of the gay community until we grew to understand the causes. A very sad time. Lost several friends and employees.
Thanks for this lovely visit Michelle.