Wednesday, May 23, 2018



False alarm!

Later I traveled to the lower East side
Here's how one building protects it's residents:

They've go cameras!


My weekly writing Group
The Moving Pen
Prompt #1
"But there was one thing that the grown-ups also knew, and it was this: However small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance is there. The chance had to be there."
Roald Dahl from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

The Same Bus
By M.Slater

Laverne was carrying an orchid plant as a gift for her daughters graduation from Pace in Science, having majored in psychiatry. That's how the conversation began..."What did you get?" Adelle asked when she sat they talked about orchids, motherhood, feminism, Trumpism and mental illness. They talked about soul wholeness and connecting with so many folks want others to share the real of their lives too often buried under mounds of unnecessary protocol. What's to lose after all? Who isn't a prisoner of their past? Who hasn't been passed over or left behind? Who doesn't love their freedom? Adelle said "I don't need a passport to cross over into soul country. The border is never closed." The bus ride lasted about twenty blocks and as Adelle turned to wave before departing, she could see that half of the passengers were smiling. The evening was warm and bright like early Summer days when she was a girl full of promise and time with a road stretching out ahead that seemed endless. Oh, she always knew about ends in that intellectual way, like she was living in someone else's story or acting in a film not of her own making. Now, the road appears at every step and she lives it moment to moment, fully aware that any moment might be that turn off to the unexpected delight, or to a detour around disaster, or to the inevitable final stop sign. She knew everyone she encountered was, in some way, in the same boat and often on the same bus.

After, I wandered into the end of a Performance in the Auditorium on the same floor......



Singers, dancers, monologue performers





Back on the Street
An Encounter
I requested this photograph and they said yes.

I had to back out on Houston street but couldn't get far enough away to shoot the photo I wanted without putting myself in mortal danger.

Nice young folks. Talked a while with Gersten (far left) and Lilai Teckie (stripes)...she and I exchanged emails. Love to know more about them. 

 I reached the bus stop, the machine was out of order! Ha!!!

So I rode home for free.

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