Saturday, June 16, 2018


My unnecessary anxiety over clearing a path from the poorly angled entrance door, through a very cluttered hall, and several rooms to the front window where it was going to replace the dead one.

It doesn't show but the 3 shelf item on the right was loaded with all sorts of stuff and my Stone Buddha on the top flanked by two vases of dusty old dry floral and leaf arrangements...the hallway out of the frame also had a lineup of shoes, a rolling cart and spare beach chair, plus another small table with more floral arrangements and lots of catch pots with a collection of 'don't-know-whats'. An hour or so of careful sorting, some tossing and finally clear save for the basket which moved into the bathroom and the rest of the rooms got done as well in just another few hours, including the escape break from my last post.
Right on time Friday afternoon and totally efficient, two wonderful fellows from Warshaw Hardware, one of the very few REAL hardware stores in Manhattan and friends for over forty years, arrived, removed the old machine, installed and tested the new one and it's just great!
Thank you Matt and Andre.
And Thanks to my friend and neighbor Ron Sherbet, who did me the favor of calling me to be sure I was awake and came over to spend time with me during the installation.

Warshaw Hardware

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Patty said...

Our ac is on the fritz so I can relate! Those two young men
look satisfied at the job...Bodhisatvas come in all kinds of

Mo Crow said...

there are angels in the world!