Monday, June 4, 2018


Having walked too far after the two hour writing session because the sunset led me to the west on a long detour.
I came home tired, flipped on the computer the 'wrong' way losing all my tabs, which just means I have to remount all the ones I usually access. I did this once before and it is tedious but not fatal. I have to sign in to each site, then sign out of blogger, sign in to blogger and sign in to another site, repeat, repeat, repeat...there are ten...however, now that I've begun I rediscover that I actually have to log out of my browser and shut down, then reboot for each one. This may take a day or so. I don't have the maniacal determined focus I once did.
The swell super replaced my mailbox lock and it's working!!!  So, a little not-so-hot and a chunk of yippee is what I've got.

There's more but I won't bore you.
I'll bake tonight.

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Mo Crow said...

love the photo & good luck with retrieving your tabs!