Sunday, June 10, 2018


Sunny and just Warm enough
Blooming gardens at the corner of my block and along Second Avenue in front of the playground are mostly maintained by the Parks department.
These old roses are abundant every year, but the weeding and clean up have fallen off in recent years.

Wedding or Graduation?
I didn't find out, but these young women recruited their photographer friend to make a cell phone video of them in their finery while crossing Third Avenue.



My Neighbors
Father and son walking West


Recognition for a tree that grew to Propagate.
Sadly, the generous seed pods will fall on City concrete, be swept up and discarded.

 Non-Traditional Sunday Service

(worthwhile perspective)

Most of my posting about our National darkness are on my face book page, or selectively shared by email with certain friends. Things are actually so bad that I hesitate to inflict my opinion, knowing how much most of my friends and acquaintances are already suffering. But,this video look-back to 2012 considers the origins of our situation. "Gore Vidal investigates U.S. foreign policy throughout recent history, showing how it has contributed to the terrorist crisis. With his famous wit and insight, Vidal also demonstrates the ways in which the "War on Terrorism" is being used to curtail civil liberties and shred the Bill of Rights."

Re-reading a Favorite Book by a Favorite Author
"In whatever May Sarton writes one can hear the human heart pulsing just below the surface.” 
Washington Post Book World

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Mo Crow said...

have never read anything by May Sarton, this looks like the purrfect place to start!