Thursday, June 14, 2018


Kids poster in the Library of University Settlement
where my writing group 'the Moving Pen" meets weekly

Muralist on Houston Street

On Second Avenue
a woman sits in the shade knitting
Constant destruction for construction in my neighborhood
This one's on 22nd Street and they just hit bedrock

on the way to Meet friends in from the Catskills
this scene at 2nd Avenue near 5th Street

At the Queen Vic, one of the few surviving neighborhood bars in the East Village--unpretentious,clean and welcoming. I'm not drinking and Cranberry juice is still only $3.00
Nemo Hill with John Marcus Powell

Lavinia Fox


Unknown person
asleep on the couch
 I walked home
8th Street on Third Avenue

Weather at 5PM

Sign at Housing Works
East 23rd Street

After Meditation
Zen Center for Contemplative Care
119 West 23rd Street

Weather at 8PM

This ornate Old Building was '"The Claridge" I think but I have to get the address and look it up. To be continued
Wandered West
built to last
 and still survives as luxury housing

This popular restaurant and the building that housed it
will not survive and, once sold will likely be torn down to make room for another mega giant.


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Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) "spirit likes to see us dance on the shifting sands of change" as my old friend Pete Webb plant guru extrordinaire said so long ago & this 21st C world is certainly keeping us dancing!!