Sunday, July 1, 2018


 Like the lilies of the field
I toiled not.
 However, I did virtually attend the many rallies and protests here on my laptop, while sipping homemade lemonade in the adequate cool of my third floor walk up, thanks to my new Air Conditioner, fully aware and grateful for my good fortune and privilege of the moment:

Farewell June.


Hello July
Hope the electrical grid holds up through this heat wave.
Hope the powers that be have a spontaneous awakening.
Hope the dear children survive and are freed to heal.
Hope the parents prevail and find sanctuary.


Mo Crow said...


Raven and Sparrow said...

Blogger makes it hard for me to comment, but I have changed my designation, so we will see if this works. In the meanwhile, keep cool Michelle!

Dee Mallon said...

beautiful prayer....