Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been opening a lot of unopened drawers,
searching for cloth in the recesses of dark neglected closets
due to the inspiration of  Jude's Magic Feather Project

(see sidebar)   
A Big Box of Sewing Stuff

My Mother's Pin Cushion

So, although I have still not put needle through cloth,
I now have many more needles, and pins!

Feather Fact and Lore
Just a snippet- an idea of what follows at this site
"Here's a little bit from an article from Garden Shed magazine about birds and their feathers..."While 1,500 - 3,000 feathers cover most birds, the known count ranges from 940 feathers for a hummingbird
to 25,216 for a whistling swan.
Because smaller birds lose heat more rapidly than larger ones, their
plumage is denser.
The number of feathers also may vary seasonally:
goldfinch has 2,368 feathers in winter;
another had 1,439 in June."
More About Birds And Their Feathers
Listen to a radio clip
Grandmas Feather Bed

Jude has postponed her Friday Magic Feather instructions to Tuesday
due to the looming hurricane.  May all be well for every one.

Just One More Quilt Related Treat
directed by Wilford Jackson and released on August 19, 1933.
A little baby and a toy dog have an adventure in the land of patchwork quilts.
This title song of this movie was released as sheet music.


Nancy said...

Ah found treasures -love 'em! My apartment manager had one of those pin cushions. I always loved them, even if just for that reason! She could really sew too!

YeeHaa for John Denver! Sing along now ya'll...

Take care in this weather all :)

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Hey there, it was the muppets that got to me in that J.D. bit of fluff.
and, as for the storm, well, the preparedness is extraordinary, with some area under forced evacuation (islands, and long island + the tip of Manhattan, but my neighborhood is likely to have just severe wind and rain, possible power outages which will include the subways and I plan to hug home (a fairly sturdy old building and I'm on the 3rd floor) Saturday and Sunday. Sent an article I found of interest re what the animals in the zoo were like during the earthquake-Animals know before we do, don't they. I read a facinating article yesterday about the various animals reactions to the Quake in the Washington zoo- know before we do, senses so concentrate on elemental survival. I can tell you, it's mighty still tonight, and tomorrow is slated to be sunny and warm. Time to move plants and pick up batteries. "Wheeee...' -hate to admit the kid in me loves a good storm, but mildly dangerous is my adult limit. I'm not entertained by disaster.

deanna7trees said...

i have some of my grandma's old thread but it has lost its strength so not usable. loved the JD video. just went out to pull in the hose from last night's watering and found a wee bitty white feather floating in the water bucket. i never did like a storm but we sure could use one here. stay safe.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Deanna-Thanks for the urging to stay safe, and I will-After today's running around errands, and moving one little Japanese maple tree in a pot to safety from wind in the church garden, and a free movie tonight on the lawn in Central park (Scorsese's great Rolling Stone's documentary "Shine A light"), I will be snug as a bug till the storm passes (got candles, flashlight, batteries, food, water, an hour of time on my charged pay-as-you-go t-mobile phone, some cash, and a "go-bag" just in case). Today, you wouldn't know there was a monster storm looming if you didn't ALREADY know. The breeze is balmy and sky fair. Posts for the next few days are done and will post automatically, I think, even if the electricity goes out since most of this stuff is in a cloud (somewhere) satellite powered (unless? - I mean to understand this technology but haven't got round to it).

Nancy said...

Michelle - glad to hear you are prepared, present and planning for a pleasant time tuckered down.
I am a John Denver fan from way back :)
Deanna- I have some of mine and my mother's old thread, but the colors are so awful, I never thought to use it! lol Love the wooden spools though!