Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sometimes you just gotta go
The most beautiful broom
I can't even name the plants carefully placed
all around a small suburban yard so unlike the 
 manicured, colorless lawns in the neighborhood
Pansies of course
 and A big fat allium
color everywhere 
hidden gems
intoxicating scents
dear dianthus
and more pansies
but oh--the broom
 bees drunk with delight
 iris and foxglove
good air good food
good company
 very restorative


deanna7trees said...

so many beautiful flowers. glad you enjoyed your time away.

Nancy said...

So very nice! Such a delightful variety of flowers. Welcome back :)

Mo Crow said...

ah the solace of a wild garden!

Discovery Cloth said...

things in full bloom! gorgeous! The rain keeps us indoors, but the gardens are thriving! Welcome home!

jude said...

hard to believe it is massapequa.

Ms. said...

It's more than Massapequa. The garden, the family is it's own landscape evolved over time, and timeless in it's way.