Friday, June 15, 2012


Paris Review staged the first in a series of readings at Strand's rare book room Wednesday evening, with Wally Shawn delivering a thoroughly horrifying (if well written, and riveting) short by Dennis Johnson called "Car Crash While Driving" from his collection 'Jesus's Son'.
More About Dennis Johnson
Then a lovely reenactment of a 1956 interview with Dorothy Parker, accomplished beautifully by Sadie Stein and Amy Warren--I loved it, laughed, and was inspired to purchase "the Dorothy Parker Portable Reader" (edited by Marion Meade), though I should have saved the cash for travel next week.
The additional push to purchase came from a charming young woman with a wonderfully melodic name, who will remain anonymous until she agrees otherwise. We conversed briefly--I love Dorothy Parker, and she loves Edna St. Vincent Millay, reads her aloud and weeps, just as I did when first I read her (still read her). My anonymous new friend works near Madison park, right in my neighborhood, so--we agreed to read aloud to one another from those two authors at her lunch hour now and then, after I return from Massachusetts.  I'm looking forward to our first duet in July.  When I emerged, the previously gloomy sky displayed an orange-pink and blue sunset, accurately predicting good weather for Thursday.
Reincarnated through animation, Dorothy Parker reads --More than a little creepy to be sure (not the poem but the digital display).  Watch it for the monumental mistake it is: 
"One Perfect Rose"
Visit the Round table, where the infamous 'Vicious Circle' met--by the way, it's slated to be eliminated in the make over of that iconic site soon to come.  Say a farewell, and add it to the series of disappearing New York places that multiply by the minute.
Algonqin Hotel 
 And, a 1994 Robert Altman Produced film
I intend to find and view



deanna7trees said...

sounds like a wonderful chance meeting.

Nancy said...

The upcoming duet sounds lovely :)