Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One more hopeful attempt just to be sure
Whoops! You're out of space.
You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. 
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota.

So from now on I'll recirculate old images like those herein,  use words, blog less.  New Images will appear now and then on face book.  Click on the badge at left to follow there.


deanna7trees said...

not sure about this but if you remove some of the photos you're storing, that might free up some room. you can store them on a cd or flash drive. i ran out of room on flickr and that worked for me. i don't really use flickr other than for some of my online classes.
...and videos take up lots of space so you might want to use them sparingly.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

oh Whaaa...
try Deanna's suggestion, do some
i don't do face book and just
But am so glad you are back and
what's up with your eye??????

Deb Lacativa said... is one of many free file holders.

Nancy said...

Welcome to the club Michelle. My Blogger has been saying that again recently too. You may remember a long while back when this happened to me, I just ignored it, deleted some pictures & posted no pictures for a while...and guess what...
blogger started to let me post pictures again (way past the amount I deleted I may add).
SO, I'm hoping if I stick my head in the sand deep enough...long enough again Blogger will fix itself again!

Yvette said...

nancy you made me laugh..i did the same but noticed tha blogger or picassa ( is the same yes?) resized the pictures.. ok for me
Michelle what was it that i red over at judes..something about eyes?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

left a's not here?
and yes...what's the deal with
your eyes?????? eye??????

Yvette said...

sorry itcis julie grace...

Yvette said...

Julie has no blog i think

Peggy said...

Michelle, I read somewhere that simply deleting old banner photos frees up a lot of space.....?

Ms. said...

Well let's see--

I have no banner photo on the Ms. Uncertainty Principles blog because trying to replace the old banner with a new one is when I got the message I'd reached my limit and, I just stopped posting over at the Mostly Images blog for now.

E-blogger and Picasa are 'platforms' both powered by google, and connected to me through my one and only g-mail e-mail account. there is a stated limit if you can ever work your way through the tiny print on pages of disclosure. I did it once and won't do it again.

I've worn glasses since I was seven--first for nearsighted ness, but that's changed. My eyes are failing in a few ways..there is a forming cataract on one but, given my minimal health care coverage, it is not yet 'ripe' enough for surgery under medicaid guidelines I'm told. My left eye is doing all the work and gets tired. I'm not blind, but vision challenged, None of the new sets of glasses work well. I squint to see for now..soon enough I will find means to visit the clinic, get a substantial diagnosis and maybe qualify for laser surgery (I'm thinking 2013)..and I spend too much time on computer, in a dark apartment and straining my eyes when I'm in NY. I notice I see clearer in the country, put that into the mix. I love to read but now resort to audio books.

I would try other ways around the limitations I've just encountered but just can't face the effort. I will be content as is for awhile, and hope Mo is right about the sudden opening of more space. I fear to erase any pictures stored in Picasa because I never labeled or organized them there and don't know what goes with what. I once erased several of one shot that was there in many duplicates, and ended lousing up an old post.

One option is to pull all the photos in my personal hard drive and copy them to portable flash drives (as soon as someone shows me where to plug them in)...I've had so little supervised training, I live in fear of losing material by making some mistake. Half the time I don't even understand the terminology machine instructions are giving me.

But I'm okay with it till I can find help.