Saturday, March 29, 2014


"As an individual, with your death there will be an end of you.  But your individuality is not your true and final being, indeed it is rather the mere expression of it....only the phenomenon in the form of time, and accordingly has both a beginning and an end.  Your being in itself, on the contrary, knows neither time, nor beginning, nor end, nor the limits of a given that, in the first sense, after death you become nothing; in the second, you are and remain everything."
~Arthur Schopenhauer~ 
photograph by Cole Thompson


yvette said...

Michelle, have you ever red the book (novel) from Yalom...the Schopenhauer cure (I'm not sure if cure is a good translation but I'm too tired to search for real title now) it's such a good book
yalom wrote about Nietzsche and Spinoza too....

Ms. said...

Hey Yverre--no--haven't. I'll try to look it up...but I'm kinda only doing books on audio CD till I can save the money to get my cataract fixed. It's really hard to read print. On computer I can enlarge.