Saturday, May 17, 2014


Saturday at 5 PM this cornucopia of Organic Produce
Having been there all day and the night before
Saved or stolen by me!?
I left a note and the bag on their door.  It's all being saved still until I hear from the owners--after the fact, I found the address in a side pocket and called the number but no answer, so either they left it while loading to leave town earlier Friday, or it was delivered too late.  I don't know.  But I just can't see it wasted and can't eat it either 'cause I don't know those particular neighbors.  They might even be angry.  I probably should have minded my own business!  Meanwhile the snail mail brought love.
My dear dear friends two bunny cards
"You are out of sight but never out of mind."
Sunset looking West from Integral Yoga Institute on West 13th Street before a lovely chanting session.
It's enough.


Nancy said...
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Ms. said...

DEAR NANCY I edited the problem so deleted your nice comment...I love those bunnies too, and the friend who sent them, and YOU.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

hmmmm. i wonder what i would
have done? Tell, right away,
when the mystery is solved. I'm

Ms. said...

Oh I will--I jut had some watercress cause that's the hardest to keep, and I'll eat the rest if I don't hear from anyone tonight or early tomorrow. Meanwhile, since I posted-I phoned both numbers that were listed on the order. One now gets a recording from the phone company saying check the number...and the other one has no message taking system set up. The rest of the produce is taking up half my fridge. My current plan is wait only till Monday night then cook and distribute to other needy friends all of it and leave another note explaining. Maybe they moved out. Wouldn't surprise me. They come and go here pretty quickly these days. I COULD NOT just let it wilt and rot out there.

Peggy said...

Saving the veggies is unfolding into a chain of events. How many people will be touched by this experience when all is said and done? Just had something similar trying to contact neighbors whose one sprinkler head ran for days, even while it snowed. I kept trying but it drove me nuts! At least you can save the food from wasting. :)

And so glad your surgery was a success! Yay!!!! xoxo