Thursday, August 17, 2017


time traveling
Throwback Thursday
(I've had all these references ready in a draft since July something when, having returned to feminist texts on art from the seventies, I was thinking about a new blog post. Real life intervened and it never got constructed, so, on the heels of the horrific current world news, here it is if you wish to wrap your head around the topic.)

Once upon a time, humanity had a mother...
"A view of the culture, religious beliefs, symbolism and mythology of the prehistoric, pre-patriarchal cultures of Old Europe, who revered and celebrated the Great Goddess of Life, Death, and Regeneration in all her many forms, of plants, of stone, of animals and humans, by the scholar who has made the exploration of these cultures her life work."

(one hour and forty three minutes)

Marija Gimbutas was a Lithuanian-American archeologist known for her research into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of Old Europe. Her works published between 1946 and 1971 introduced new views by combining traditional spadework with linguistics and mythological interpretation."  Stunning Film:

"Signs out of Time"
(1 hour and 1 minute)


Merlin Stone
"When God was a Woman"

Marija Gimbutas
"The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe"(1974)-"The Language of the Goddess" (1989)-"The Civilization of the Goddess" (1991)

The Goddess In Art
With Starr Goode
(each episode is 30 minutes)

Maria Gimutas

Joan Iten Sutherland

Savina Teubal

Hallie Iglehart Austen


Mo Crow said...

thanks Michelle for these interesting links, have bookmarked to explore slowly over the next few months as I don't have much time for the internet at the moment

alsokaizen said...

Thank You!! I'm book marking it all for later :)

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i'll take some time and space for this