Friday, December 1, 2017


Nuclear war threat, Insane and destructive National Administration, International tensions at an all time high, Gender wars renewed with good and bad consequences, Climate changes disastrous world wide.

To the Powers that Be
Posted at my Face book page Thursday
"The Last Flower"
By James Thurber

I changed my Cover photo there.
See the tiny plane at the bottom center?
(more thoughts of leaving)

Pulled out this textile I've been saving to make something with.
(just looking and thinking)

At 3:30 I was drawn to my front window... Bagpipers and Drums for a Cop who was retiring.
(Brought up memories of my father)
Then preparations for an event at my Zendo in the evening that I feel well enough to attend. I have definitely turned the final corner out of this long month of illness and so, onward...


Marti said...

December 1, as we head toward the healing light of Winter Solstice, this year it is so there any good news out in the world? Well, yes because you have turned the corner of your illness and that is a blessing.

Today as is my custom every year for the first day in December, a few decorations for the season: thatched basket filled with collected pine cones from many places that we have lived, the New Mexico touch, dried chile peppers. Brought out my vintage German Christmas postcards, affixed to a dark green velvet ribbon, the cards given to my girls over 42 yrs ago for their Advent and lemon slices drying in the oven in readiness for the makeshift little Charlie Brown tree that I will make. Peace and continued healing to you Michelle.

Liz A said...

James Thurber ... this took me back to my childhood when the book Many Moons was among my favorites.

Thank you for sharing The Last Flower ... and now I hear Peter, Paul and Mary in my mind's ear, asking once again, "Where have all the flowers gone?"

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am so relieved that you are on the up swing....

Mo Crow said...

so good to hear that you are feeling better!
re the state of the nation... Canada and Mexico must look like good alternatives as does New Zealand from this side of the world, our governments have been taken over by a corporate coup run by Vogons!

Judy Martin said...

Thanks for that video - enjoyed it.
So glad to hear that your health has improved. xo

Ms. said...

It's 5PM now and dark. Still damp air moves through the rooms here. I've slept most of today recouperating. I have turned the corner on the flu/cold and now I'm only left with my chronic distress for which there is a functional medication I had to stop taking in order to build up my immune system (it's an immune suppressant). I hope you know that your comments lift me and warm my spirit. Thank you. Glad Marti to be thinking toward the Winter solstice and sad to hear your news Mo. I'm just putting the final touches on the next post about that wonderful Event I attended at my Zendo last night.