Friday, May 29, 2020


May 25th 2020
One rescued orchid sprouts
So does the other one
It's been about five months.
From 4:30 to 5:30
West to 6th Avenue
Met a neighbor helping one of the street sellers
that line 6th Avenue from 23rd to 24th Streets.
Returned East on 24th Street
where homeless New Yorkers set up makeshift homes
Between 6th and 5th Avenues.
Third Avenue
A tree was cut down, but the roses remain.

May 26th
7 a.m.
Morning Surprise
Two Nails

 The power chord that goes above the door and
all the way over to the outlet
had dislodged.

It had been secured many years ago when the stove was installed. Things fall apart. Fact. I can get it back with a ladder and hammer the nails back in. but I think it might also be time to ask for help. The stove needs to be moved, cleaned under and some holes plugged properly.
I got a good start and by the way, the kitchen is not yellow (wish it was) but the room light produces this tone.
Walk about on a warm afternoonIris


7 p.m.
ClapBecauseWecare on 2nd Avenue and continuing down to 1st Avenue in many buildings.

Epiphany Plaza

They no longer wear masks

Sleeping on the street in the afternoon
They're drinking in front of the bars

Avian Babie shot at an angle through the hallway window so as not to scare them off.

May 27th and 28th
They grow fast

 Morning Skyview

 Early evening Sky View

 Valiant Super washing the sidewalk
Still at it slowly untwisting the cord. I'm extremely slow, steady and careful when on the ladder.

 A hand washed sweater drying in my 'Sun-porch'

 Thyme from the Farm Market at Union square,
planning to add it to my adopted street pot.

Found fallen Flower

Edwin Booth
Gramercy Park
John Wilkes Booth's older brother, Edwin Booth, was a popular Shakespearean actor. He did not perform for a while after Lincoln's assassination and his brother's subsequent execution, but he eventually returned to the stage. Toward the end of his career, Booth founded the Players Club on Gramercy Park South. The Players Club presented the statue of Booth as Hamlet to the park in 1918
 Oh, I'm lost in it...days and nights roll into one another.
Got to clear this desktop!

Thursday Damp

 ClapCauseWeCare on 1st Avenue

Several people having a party on the roof were playing "Sweet Caroline" loud on a radio and singing along.

Stuy-Town Tribute Ribbons
to honor of necessary workers

 A quarter mile of Roses

Trader Joe East 14th Street Avenue A
Not crowded, very helpful and I got some favorites.

Home by bus at 8:30
Friday is Coming


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Oh, eeeeeee michelle.....
Life...its so real

Nancy said...

Your photos are such a reprieve from the news tonight. The police station looks peaceful, amazing.